Nurture Class Training

Keeping it real….

You may be thinking of setting up a Nurture Class in your setting. My advice would be, think carefully before booking expensive training that looks good on paper but leaves you lacking when it comes to classroom practice. It is not necessary to have an accreditation in Nurture to be a Nurture Practitioner but you will need to understand attachment theory. You will need to plan a Nurture curriculum and assess the impact of your intervention. You will need to assess pupil progress and set individual targets.

Coming from an education as opposed to business background, I have developed my training with School budgets in mind. I have also considered the fact that teaching practitioners have little time for completing assignments and do not need extra paperwork just to please an outside body. As I continue to teach in a Nurture Unit two days a week, I can support practitioners in an insightful way. I can offer intuitive and relevant, up to date knowledge that only comes from being hands on.

If you wish to find out more please feel free to contact me.