Meet the trainer

Angela Coates

is an Independent Educational Consultant and part time Teacher with over fifteen years experience of working in the Primary setting. She has spent the last nine years in the Nurture Unit whereby she has developed a reputation for successfully managing the most challenging classes.

Angela has an advisory role as a part of running the Nurture unit. Therefore she has experience of overseeing the fusion of Nurture and Mainstream classes.

Angela is still a classroom practitioner 2 days a week but she now runs training courses for schools/parents/training bodies and is available to speak at key conferences and training establishments.

Angela’s main degree was in Language and Communication she is an NGN (Now Nurture UK) qualified Nurture Teacher and level 3 OCN Forest School practitioner.

Angela is passionate about Nurture and continues to support and guide teachers in the Mainstream and Special Ed setting to successfully deliver the Nurture Curriculum.

It was after dealing with some harrowing cases of abuse and neglect with some of the pupils she worked with, that Angela decided to make it her mission to fight for their future and the future of pupils in a similar situation. Angela strives to spread the message that the Nurture approach really can help children with Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties.



Access advice on the classroom environment and how to enhance provision for all pupils. Incorporate the Six principles of Nurture across your setting.

Group sessions

On a budget? Save money by booking sessions as a cluster group. Half day sessions are available. Online Webinar now available.

Public Talks

You can book Angela as a guest speaker for raising awareness sessions, educational establishments, training bodies, parents and more.

Individual Learning -Collective Learning – Training & Support

If you would like to learn in your own time, you can access my stand alone online courses by following this link.

Available Nurture Courses

Part 1 -New Beginnings Course

Setting up your own in-house Nurture group within your educational setting requires careful thought and planning. It might seem a daunting prospect initially, but Nurture Pro is here to support you every step of the way. The New Beginnings course will develop your awareness of Nurturing principles and the theory behind  good Nurture Practice. You will achieve excellence in your provision by learning from real life case studies and being tutored by a presenter with current hands on experience.

Part 2 -Effective Practice Course

So you have a Nurture group – What next? This course will provide you with a wealth of ideas and activities. We will take a closer look at planning and assessment. Angela will share current good practice and resources.

Part 3 – Dealing with Crisis and Trauma Course

So you have a Nurture Group, you are an experienced practitioner, but you have some challenging pupils – what do you do when nothing seems to work? This course offers practical advice and uses case studies to enable practitioners to further develop strategies to support the most challenging pupils. This session works well for small groups of staff who would like training tailored to the needs of specific types of pupil difficulties they are currently dealing with.

Mental Health Series

If you have a particular interest in a Mental Health Issue and would like to access a Stand-alone course that you can complete in your own time have a look at the link below, look under the ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing Section’. The current topics available are…

Bereavement, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, Therapeutic Stories and Panic Attacks.

Click below for access

Pandemic Response Through Nurture – Combat the Wave

Also available under the same link is my Response to the Pandemic course. This course aims to provide therapeutic activities and ideas to support classroom practitioners who seek to promote emotional regulation, and calm in pupils in order to create a ‘safe base’. The course covers the Six Principles of Nurture and looks at Practitioner Trauma, Family Trauma and child Trauma.

Click here for access

Restorative Practice

This course looks at a whole school value system for dealing with conflict resolution. It covers the theory of Ego states, use of scripts and the mediation process. It is usually best conducted Face to Face as it involves some roleplay activities.

Contact for booking and prices.

Resources to Purchase

Nurture Activity Cards – These 50 cards are really useful for planning for Nurture/Wellbeing groups or as ‘pick up and go’ activity sessions for Teachers, Teaching Assistants and Learning Support Assistant’s.

They are also handy for Additional Learning Needs Coordinators to have in School, in readiness for any child with Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties.

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Price: £50

For payment please use the email stating the quantity and resource you require. I shall email you a PayPal link or alternatively, I can invoice your school. Once payment has cleared, you will have access to a folder containing all of your downloads.

Nurture Routine

Upbeat Music and Arts are really proud to launch this guide to structuring Nurturing settings for young children. Video tutorials on pedagogy presented by Angela Coates Consultancy LTD introducing 8 original songs written sensitively and musically for the age range. A resource bursting with experience, warmth & care.

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Price: £50

For payment please use the email stating the quantity and resource you require. I shall email you a PayPal link or alternatively, I can invoice your school. Once payment has cleared, you will have access to a folder containing all of your downloads.


Here is an ever growing list of companies I have the pleasure of recommending. Whether you are a subject leader at school, or just looking to enhance your CPD, check out what my colleagues at Collective Learning are offering.

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